Cancer News for 2018


There is an upcoming event about Cancer News for 2018. Cancer is affecting people worldwide, one out of two people will have cancer at some point in their lives, everyone has a relative or a friend who has had cancer. Finding out valuable information that you have likely nerver heard of, you can learn how to protect you and your loved ones from cancer.

Read my review on The Truth About Cancer to find out if there is something we can do to prevent and cure this dreadfull disease. Maybe there is some new treatment and prevention lifestyle changes that we could do to make cancer a disease of the past.

Cancer News for 2018

Cancer News for 2018

 Cancer News for 2018

What is the Truth About Cancer?

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest is a docu-series (documentary mini-series) where you will find answers to the questions how to prevent and cure cancer given by worldwide leading experts in cancer research, prevention and treatment. You will learn about successful cancer therapies, the most advanced treatments, new technologies and lifestyle changes that maybe not even your doctors have talked to you about.

There are going to be more than a hundred experts spread around the world from 20 countries. They are doctors, scientists, researchers and cancer survivors who defeated cancer that will be talking about the latest strategies how to prevent and treat cancer. Their purpose is to educate and eradicate cancer from around the world once and for all.

Cancer news for 2018

When is the Truth About Cancer docuseries?

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest documentary is free online from October 9-17, 2018 and there is a free online replay weekend from October 20-22, 2018.

There will be released 1 episode per day every day starting October 9th and it will be available to watch for free for 24 hours. It´s a 9 episode docu-series screening event completely free.

Cancer news for 2018

How to attend to the Truth About Cancer?

To attend the Truth About Cancer A Global Quest documentary you just have to enter your name and email to register for free. You will need a computer or mobile device to be able to watch the videos.

All episodes of the docuseries are 100% free no credit card required.

Cancer News for 2018

The Truth About Cancer bonus gifts

There are some bonus gifts when you register for free for the event:

  • Free eBook 22 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Life Today
    • Discover hidden cancer-causing agents inside your food, water and even toothpaste! Find out how to rid these toxins from your daily diet.
    • 11 hygiene hazards proven to increase your cancer risk
    • How to reinforce your immune system to battle cancer threats
    • Little-known cancer threats infecting your home and work place environment
    • And more.
  • Free quiz to see your cancer risk.
    • Discover Your Personal Cancer Risk
    • Gett a clearer picture of your personal cancer risk in just 42 seconds with this free 13 questions quiz.

Cancer News for 2018

What are the main issues related to the Truth About Cancer

Cancer affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women around the world.  It´s very probable that you will know a relative or a friend who is going to suffer from cancer in their lifespam or maybe you already know someone who is struggling with cancer at this moments or someone who is a cancer survivor .

Cancer is an epidemic of global proportions and people die every day around the world as a consequence of this disease.

There is cutting-edge and groundbreaking information about healing and preventing cancer and other chronic diseases that you are going to learn watching The Truth About Cancer documentary series of 9 days.

Why to attend the Truth About Cancer

Attending the Truth About Cancer documentary you will empower your own health by gaining life saving knowledge about how to prevent and beat cancer naturally.

You are going to discover several ways to prevent and treat cancer you´ve probably never heard about before. You will learn from leading doctors, scientists, clinicians, researchers and cancer experts all over the world about different cancer related topics that I´m sure not even your doctor has talked to you about, for instance:

  • Cancer facts and fictions
  • GMO
  • Essential oils
  • Juicing benefits
  • The effects of sound and light on cancer
  • Cancer causing blind spots
  • Toxic vaccines to avoid
  • The power of emotions
  • Pros and cons of detoxing
  • Combining superfoods
  • Powerful stories from cancer survivors about overcoming cancer
  • Eastern medicine techniques to prevent and treat cancer
  • And many more.

Some of the experts that are going to be talking in the Truth About Cancer docu-series are as follows:

  • Dr. Patrick Quillin, Beating Cancer with Nutrition
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola, Ketogenic diet and cancer
  • Dr. Robert Scott Bell, Gut Health, the microbiome and cancer
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar, The Cancer Conflict: resolving the 5th toxicity
  • Dr. Tony Jimenez, Testing Cancer with sound and light
  • Chris Wark, How “Chris Beat Cancer”
  • And many more

My final opinion

I highly recommend the Truth About Cancer A Global Quest documentary because you will learn to empower your own health so that you don´t have to fear cancer anymore by doing the right healthy lifestyle changes that will allow you to prevent and even beat cancer without harming your body.

You will learn insights and solutions about cancer that you likely have nerver heard of. It is certainly a life changing adventure and life-transforming information for you and your loved ones.

Remember that the information in this website is for educational purposes only, it´s not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. You should go to your own healthcare physician for medical advice and specific treatment for your conditions.

if you have any comments, please, leave them below.

God bless you,

Dr. Verónica Giannoni

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