Functional Medicine University Review

Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program:
Dr. Ronald Grisanti
Since 2007
$ 2495, payable in six or twelve months.

Reviewed by:
On January 9, 2019
Last modified:January 28, 2019


The Functional Medicine University training program offers health care professionals a great opportunity to learn all about the latest research protocols on Functional Medicine.

The medicine of the 21st century is constantly changing and evolving faster than ever before. That is the reason why healthcare professionals need to keep constantly up to date in evidence-based medicine information to get to the root biochemical and physiological cause of the diseases to be able to help the patients by offering them the best recommendations and treatments for their conditions. Keep reading this thorough Functional Medicine University review to learn how you can keep up to date with the new concepts and research in this new paradigm of medicine today.

Functional Medicine University ReviewFunctional Medicine University Review

Functional Medicine University Review

Functional Medicine University. The Overview and Rankings

Online Certification Program:

Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program

Website URL: https://www.functionalmedicineuniversity.com

Founder: Dr. Ronald Grisanti

Years in business: since 06/01/2007

Program effectiveness: 100%

Support: 100%

Price: $2495, payable in six or twelve months.

My overall ranking: 100% Recommended

Verdict: Very Legit

I give full credit for this graphic to the Functional Medicine University copyright owner. I leave stated that “no copyright infringement is intended.”

Functional Medicine University Review

Functional Medicine University Overview

Functional Medicine University is an online training program leader in the Functional Medicine education for healthcare professionals.

The Functional Medicine Training Program Certificate is given by the Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Functional Medicine Training Program.

The Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program is designed to be completed in a year and it is divided in different modules for a total of 200 hours online program:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Functional Medicine
  • Module 2: Gastrointestinal System: Digestion, Absorption, Mucosal Integrity, and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction. You will learn the relationship between the health of the gut and the systemic health of the body.
  • Module 3: Immune System. You will learn the relationship between the alterations in the normal immune response that can cause allergies, autoimmunity and chronic diseases.
  • Module 4: Oxidative Stress, energy production and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Module 5: Inflammation
  • Module 6: Detoxification and the liver.
  • Module 7: Endocrine System. NeuroEndocrine regulation: the Adrenals, the Thyroid and Sex Hormone Regulation
  • Module 8: Stress. Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Balance
  • Module 9: Structural Integrity. You will learn a proven system of structural and myofascial rehabilitation.
  • Module 10: Nutrition
  • Module 11: Case Reviews
  • Additional Lectures
  • Additional Lectures 2
  • Final Examination

At the end of each module there is an exam to help prepare you for the final exam. You can study at your own pace 24/7/365 because there aren´t any demanding deadlines. If by any chance, you don´t pass an exam, you can review the module and take the test again.

Functional Medicine Training Program effectiveness

Functional Medicine University ensures that after finishing the Functional Medicine Training Program, the students will have met all the requirements needed to reach the proficiency in Functional Medicine standards and that it is an Approved Continuing Educational Provider through the US and abroad.

FMU has been receiving really good reviews from people who are either doing the program or have already done it before. Here are some examples below,

Functional Medicine University benefits

There are many benefits for joining the Functional Medicine Training Program at the Functional Medicine University such as:

    • No travel is required for the training because it is completely online.
    • It offers different methods of learning such as:
      • Videos that you can watch over and over again
      • Audio lessons that you can listen on your iPod or audio player while you go in your car or exercise
      • Full text guides that can be downloaded
    • Continuous interaction with the instructors in live online webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions for instance.
    • You will learn evidence-based functional medicine protocols that you can put into practice right away to help your patients.
    • Keep up to date on the most advanced laboratory testing for the 21st century medicine.
    • You will learn how to reverse many chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, heart problems, insomnia, depression, arthritis, chronic pains, just to name a few.
    • Guide your patients to achieve wellness through healthier lifestyles and habits without the side effects of many drugs.
    • Become the doctor who knows how to deal with the most difficult cases.
    • After completing the program and passing the final exam you can join the referral network as one of the functional medicine doctors for referrals online.
    • Functional Medicine University is an approved continuing education provider in the US and abroad for health care professionals such as medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, physician assistants and nurses amongst many others.

FMU support

Functional Medicine University offers different methods of support to help students achieve their goal of becoming proficient in Functional Medicine. For instance, students will have access to a variety of tools such as:

  • Active Student Forums
  • On-Line Help Desk
  • One-on-One Coaching Options
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Live Inter-active Webinars.

Functional Medicine Training Program. Price

The full cost of the program is $ 2495, payable in six or twelve months.

This is a really good price for this program. I have checked out other programs also and they all are way too much expensive even up to $16000.

The program offers money back guarantee, in other words, you can register and enjoy full access to all the program materials for up to 30 days. If you decide that this program is not what you are looking for, you get a full refund within 30 days.

My final opinion.

In my opinion the Functional Medicine Training Program at Functional Medicine University is a great opportunity to learn all about the latest evidence-based protocols in Functional Medicine to be able to offer our patients the latest research in functional medicine, lab testing, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and supplements to restore good health and balance our bodies to overcome even the most difficult conditions that the traditional methods of medicine haven´t been able to help.

Eventhough I have not personal experience in the program at FMU, I have been given good opinions by a friend who is currently taking the program.

Functional Medicine is really a change in paradigm from the way we were taught traditional medicine to a more physiological approach of medicine to find the root cause of the diseases for a complete healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Keep in touch because in my next posts I´ll be explaining more details about what Functional Medicine is and how putting it in practice can be very beneficial for expanding your knowledge to be able to help the patients that come to you with the most difficult cases.

Functional Medicine University Review. Final Verdict.

Online Certification Program:  

Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program

Website URL: https://www.functionalmedicineuniversity.com

Founder: Dr. Ronald Grisanti

Price: $ 2495, payable in six or twelve months.

My overall ranking: 100% Recommended

Verdict: Very Legit

Very Legit

If you would like to know more about the Functional Diagnostic Training Program at the Functional Medicine University then click on the link below,


====>>> Click on Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program

What do you think about Functional Medicine University? If you have any questions or comments, please, leave them below and I´ll be happy to help you.

God bless you,

Dr. Verónica Giannoni

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Dr. Verónica Giannoni


  1. I was at first concerned that the review was being done by a non-medical person, so I dug a little deeper and read your bio. Thanks for wanting to help people to this extent; realizing you can’t help everyone, and finding ways for others to “up their game” and give the best treatment possible.

    Well done!

    Your review was easy to read, and I was glad that you included real reviews from people who have completed the course. Not only that, you enlisted comments from colleagues who are taking the course.

    All of that lends credibility to your review.


    Have a great day!

  2. As a lay person, I fully appreciate the need for physicians to keep up to date with the latest and best treatment for their patients’ conditions. We all hope that our own medical practitioners are doing precisely that.

    I can see that Functional Medicine University covers a very wide range of conditions which physicians must come across frequently and, personally I would be very happy to be treated by any practitioner who had recently completed the course you advocate, as I would be confident that I would be getting the very latest and most effective treatments available.

    I really hope that the course will be widely taken up by medical practitioners.

    I do hope that you will not object to this comment from a non-medical person.

    Chrissie 🙂

  3. Hi Veronica – I agree that it is very important for healthcare professionals to stay up to date with the latest information regarding the best medicine and treatment suggestions.  Functional Medicine University looks like it would be a good option for someone interested in pursuing this.  You have provided a nice review and background information about this program.

    Nice job,


  4. Thanks for the update on Functional Medicine University although I´m not a doctor but anything to help is what I have been attentive to. Although the cost of the functional medicine training program is quite high but, I love the fact that it is payable in six months or 12 months which is more than comfortable for those who cannot afford the payment at once. Another thing that I love about this program is that it has been done online and no one needs to travel. This is so lovely. Thanks

  5. Thank you Dr. Giannoni, you made some great points about the Functional Medicine University school. I actually have a friend that was looking for a health program that believed in the natural method vs. the traditional method.

    I will definitely have to refer your blog to them, I think I might be interested in it myself. I support the mind, body, and spirit approach that they use in their practice, I’m actually surprised because there are a very few medical professions that teach this method.

    I’m also surprised that they have a 30 day money back guarantee! That is astonishing, because most traditional colleges are just way too over priced. Moreover, its online, the world is evolving and changing rapidly and everything is online nowadays, I can rant about this all day.

    thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a great review, especially from someone experienced and qualified. I am not a physician but can see this course will be very useful for my friends who practice. It is good to enhance more viable and updated information, so that people can be better provided for their needs in a more balanced way. Thank you for sharing this information.

  7. Over the last six months I have some medical issues that have caused me to spend more time in the doctor office than any time in my life.  I was lucky to finally find a good doctor, but it took some time.  It seems like any doctor that would take the time to complete a functional medicine training program like this would be serious about providing the very best care to their patients.  As a doctor, is completing training like this something you would promote on your profile that potential patients could see?

    Anyway, I really like the concept behind functional medicine and look forward to doing more research online (and by coming back to you website)  I hope more doctors consider taking classes like this (especially ones that allow them to do it online – saving time and money)


    • Hello Kim,

      To answer your question, if I could do this training, yes, I would put the information in my profile and, I would be able to help even more patients online than I already do in my private practice.

      Thank you for your comment and God bless you,


  8. Your review is very helpful and useful. I believe that this course will help to develop further improvement to the knowledge and skills of physicians and alternative medicine practitioners alike. The course is quite expensive, but it it nice that it can be paid in parts. I am not a physician myself, but do have many friends who run their own Naturopathy clinics. It is good to read it from someone who is qualified and experienced also.

  9. Continuous updating of knowledge is essential to any professional in today’s rapidly changing world. This is especially true in medicine where huge advances are happening almost daily.

    Unfortunately, most courses have to be taken on location at a University. This takes the practitioner out of service and possibly away from home for some time. Very large costs can be incurred. Not just for tuition but also for accomodation, meals, and transportation. Not to mention lost income from being away from work.

    Functional Medicine University sounds like a perfect solution for those in the medical world. Glad you gave it a positive review. Every profession needs something like this.

  10. Dr, I haven´t done any medicine  course or anything near that but, I am with you on this one. People, Doctors, need to update themselves for this ever changing  medical wolrd where things are changing really fast and, you guys need to be on the top of the game. 

    Thank you doctor for letting them learn about this course because they hold people’s lives on their hands

  11. I wanted to know about the Functional Medicine University and thank god I found the right website for it. This article had everything I needed to know about Functional Medicine University. From the review I can tell that this is a pretty legit and a good platform. The only thing is that it is pretty expensive for me. Once I save money then I will go for this.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  12. Even though I am not a doctor or med student this sounds really interesting to me. I think that, the Functional Medicine University would appeal to a lot of people like me. Based on the topics that they cover, it would seem beneficial to have an understanding of those topics.

    We all have one body and one chance to take care of it so, understanding more of the processes necessary to support a healthy body seems like a good thing to do. I think that, because this is designed for medical personal information, the information found here will be accurate and reliable so, while you could find these topics elsewhere on the internet it is more convenient and factually accurate to get it here.

    Thanks for sharing this great program.

  13. I’ve seen ads for this before but was a little wary about how legitimate it is. I did a search for a review and found your site. This is a really thorough review and makes me feel a lot more confident about it. I especially found it helpful because you’re actually an internal medicine physician so you know how useful this course is.

  14. Thanks for the highly-educative review! It’s good to know that the Functional Medicine training program certificate is issued by such a world-class university. I had this thought in me right from my childhood that I’ll become a medical practitioner someday, though all hope is almost gone now as per making this dream come true in a lifetime as I’m already married with two kids.

    I think I should enroll my children in the training program so that they can have a healthcare certificate issued by the University of Southern California. I know it would be a thing of prestige to have my children trained under the umbrella of this institution. The price is okay by me.

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