How is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off forever? Review


This is a thorough review about how is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off forever. You will know what is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. There are too many diets out there that promise a quick way to lose weight, but they are not healthy neither effective, because people end up gaining more weight than they lost.

Furthermore, when you go on a diet, you will want to lose body fat and not just water, or even worse, muscle. Therefore, it is very important to understand the right process of losing weight fast enough to be healthy, so that you keep it off for good and feel healthy and strong throughout the process.

Two thirds of US population and elsewhere in the world have weight problems, they are either overweight or obese. Many of them have probably tried to lose weight and have failed. The more aware you are of your body´s capacities and weakness the more success you will have in the process of losing weight.

How is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Create a caloric deficit.

The fastest way to lose weight, and really the only way, is to create a caloric deficit by eating fewer calories than your body burns every day. The amount of calories that you restrict and the amount of calories that you burn will determine how much weight you will lose every day.

You can generate a caloric deficit by eating fewer calories or by burning more calories through exercise such as cardio, metabolic training, weight training, or any kind of exercise that you like, even walking. It would be even better, if you could do a combination of both diet and exercise, which is the ideal goal. Definitely the best choice for you will depend on your preferences, your ability to maintain long term commitments, what is sustainable for you or what are your needs and likes.

If you are over 40 years old and not active at all, it is recommendable that you visit your physician and run some tests before starting an exercise program.

The fastest way to lose weight.

The amount of time that you will need to lose weight will depend on the amount of caloric deficit that you have. First, a larger deficit (more than 30% below maintenance) will produce faster weight loss. Second, moderate deficit (20% below maintenance) will produce weight loss at a moderate rate. Finally, a smaller deficit (10% below maintenance) will produce a slower weight loss.

Usually all the diets that produce faster weight loss, such as crash diets, starve diets, fasts, detoxes, cleanses or fad diets, will promise you to lose a great amount of pounds in a few weeks, but they are not healthy, neither effective. First of all, you will lose water and muscle and not fat. Second, even though you could lose some pounds with them, they are not sustainable or maintainable for life, and you could end up gaining all the weight you lost or even more.

All the diets that produce fast weight loss, (usually very low calorie diets under 1200 calories a day), are not healthy at all. In fact, they can cause many health issues such as eating disorders (binge eating, anorexia, bulimia), nutrient deficiencies, metabolic disorders, slow metabolism, reboots in gaining weight (yo-yo effect), mood or behavior alterations, incapability to sustain the diet for long term, constant hunger, lack of strength, loss of muscle mass and difficulty concentrating.

Now you know that you will lose weight with all those fast diets but it will be detrimental to your health.

The best way to lose weight.

The best way lo lose weight is to have a small deficit of calories every day that would allow you to lose between 0,5 and 2 pounds (0,5-1Kg) every week. That is a healthy rate of losing weight that will keep you healthy, feeling strong, and that will be maintainable to keep the weight off for good. Cutting down 250 calories every day, would help you lose around 0,5 pounds per week. If you reduce 500 calories every day, you could lose around 1 pound per week.

It doesn´t really matter which diet you choose from the hundreds of diets that exist. The important thing is that you choose a well-balanced and nutritious diet that you like, and that you can maintain for life, and that will allow you to lose weight at a small rate to maintain your body well-balanced and healthy. As you can see, it´s the small every day changes that matter the most for long time success.

Keep the weight off forever.

To be able to keep the weight off permanently you should choose a weight loss program that you enjoy, that you can sustain for life. You have to consider what are your likes and preferences. Start by adding healthier foods to your meals. Instead of focusing on what you can´t eat, try to focus on all the healthy choices that you can eat.

Avoid unrealistic and unsustainable diets such as too low calorie diets or fast diets. Be realistic when making your diet and exercising goals. Don´t overexercise. Choose the type of foods and exercises that you enjoy the most. Learn to make small commitments step by step.

ChooseMyPlate.gov. United States Department of Agriculture

My plate rule.

If you don´t like counting calories, one simple technique to cut down the calorie intake is to follow the recommendations made by the United States Department of Agriculture. They call it My Plate Rule. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits, leave one quarter of the plate for lean proteins like chicken or fish, and the other quarter of the plate is for unrefined carbohydrates like beans, whole grains or sweet potatoes. This is a good and healthy habit that can be sustainable for life.

Don´t skip any meals.

Shedule your meals at regular times every 3-4 hrs and don´t skip any meals, specially never skip breakfast. Otherwise, you will end up eating more in the next meals. If you skip breakfast, and barely make lunch, you will end up eating more at night. Making healthy snacks is as important as making healthy meals to be able to don´t overeat and watch out the size of the portions you eat.

Keep motivated.

It is important to keep motivated and to focus on your goal. It doesn´t mean that you are not going to have ups and downs in the process of losing weight. Allow yourself to eat some treat you really like once in a while, maybe once a week or in special occasions. Be realistic, aim to maintain the good habits 90% of the time, knowing that there will be 10% of the time when you will give yourself a special treat. The important thing is moderation when you do.

Be patient and take one step at a time, knowing that the changes you make today will take you where you want to be tomorrow. Live today as if it was the last day of your life, living it the best way possible that you are capable of and don´t worry so much about the future, leaving it to hoping the best outcome.

Start living your life today the way you dream it, don´t wait until you lose weight to start doing the things you dream off.

Don´t get obessed with losing the pounds, your main goal should be to stay fit and healthy, and to achieve that goal, you are going to live a journey of transforming your body through a healthier lifestyle.

Encourage all the members of your family to follow the same healthier lifestyle that you are reaching. You will find that you are not alone in the process, because maybe, some members of your family and friends would like to reach a healthier lifestyle that would transform their bodies.

Be aware of what and why you eat.

Be conscious of what you put into your mouth, how much you eat and when you eat. It´s is important that you acquire sel-awarness of the impact or consequences that the food you take produces changes in your body, which could be good or bad, depending on what and how much you are eating.

Be aware of why you eat. Food nourishes your body not your soul. If you eat when you feel depressed, anxious, alone, rejected, angry, sad or whatever reason, food is not the solution. Learn to seek relief to your emotional or psychological difficulties through balancing your spiritual life.


To be able to lose weight and keep it off for life, it is necessary to make lifestyle changes permanently. It is important to acquire healthy eating habits and healthy exercise routines that can be sustainable for life to keep the weight off for good. It´s not easy because it takes time and effort to make those changes, but with persistence and commitment to your goal, it is possible.

There is no magic pill that will make you achieve your goal weight. Neither there is a magic diet. The clue to succeed is to eat a balanced nutritious diet that will keep you strong and healthy, cutting down some calories while being more active every day. Maintaining those permanent changes in your lifestyle will make you lose weight at a healthy rate and keep it off forever.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful tips. I was on a diet in the past and utilized some of the tips you mentioned. I was able to successfully lose 10 pounds in one month. Thanks!

  2. Hi Veronica,

    These tips are so inspirational, I feel like I can use all this information in my day to day life!
    Do you have a favourite protein powder that you could recommend?

    • Hello Adrienne,
      I´m glad you liked the article.
      There is a protein powder for everyone. It depends on many factors, like what are your needs, allergies, why do you want it for?
      For example, after exercise whey protein is best because it´s quickly absorbed. But at bedtime, it would be better casein protein because it digests over a long period. However, some people are allergic to milk so that would not be a good choice for them. In that case, soy protein is an excellent choice because it contains all essential aminoacids and improves the body´s inmune system. Another great choice would be egg protein because it contains vitamins and minerals, but it wouldn´t be a choice to allergic people.
      The important thing here is that protein powders are supplements of a healthy diet filled with nutritious rich foods. They should never replace whole foods entirely. To know more about healthy living, you can read my article about healthy living lifestyle here.

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